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Military on the Move

Moms are great for all sorts of things - homemade apple pie, a reassuring word when you need it, even knowing where to find the house keys you’ve mislaid! When you’re far from home or in a stressful place, it’s especially good to have Mom at the end of the phone ready with all the TLC and wisdom only she could provide.

When you’re serving in the Military, family life has a special place in the heart. It’s that ‘back home’ focus that reminds you why you do what you do. That’s why MOM is the perfect name for ‘Military on the Move’ - a real estate relocation scheme that’s designed exclusively for military members.

If you’re in the United States military and you’re due to be posted to a new base soon, we realize you’ll have a lot on your mind. Not

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Relocating Home

All home owners know that moving to a new property can be a challenge. In fact, a move is considered one of THE major life events for most people. When you’re facing a really big move - to another county, or further - the challenges are even greater. Relocation to an unfamiliar area is more involved than most experiences you have with a real estate move: the ups and down of the property market, the search for real estate that is perfect for your circumstances in unfamiliar areas, and the hard work needed to achieve the best price within a tight timescale. Relocation brings even more complex issues of its own that often need quick answers; finding the right schools, working out the distance to local shopping, sourcing the nearest medical centre,

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For Sale

So you're selling your home. If you have a Realtor, you've already made a good first step. They take care of all the listing leg-work, marketing, and work those little miracles to get your home seen amongst all the others out there for sale. If you are "for sale by owner", you know the hours of work the Realtor does, and you are probably thinking by now that it is time to enlist one.

Now that your home is for sale, you begin the unexpected: the showings, the interruptions, the low offers. If you have already vacated your home for sale, you've got it a bit easier - put on a lock-box and wait. However, many homeowners will remain in their homes through the selling process.

Your days are inundated with calls for showings (this is a good thing),

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Florida tech research park

Brazilian engineering company Archo landing at Florida Tech Research Park

MELBOURNE, Fla. (March 20, 2013) — Melbourne International Airport’s reputation as one of the world’s fastest-growing aviation manufacturing and maintenance hubs has helped secure another international tenant for the airport.

Archo Solutions Engineering USA, a subsidiary of Solutions Design & Engineering of Sao Paolo, Brazil, will establish operations at the Florida Tech Research Park at Melbourne International Airport. Company officials signed lease agreements earlier this month to open Archo’s first U.S. facility at the 100-acre research park, a partnership between the airport and the Florida Institute of Technology. The Melbourne Airport Authority approved the lease

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home sale tips

Here are 5 pitfulls to avoid when selling your own home.

1) Do not overprice your home

Of course every seller naturally wants to get top dollar for his or her home. One typical mistake that causes sellers to get less than they hope for is pricing the home above the current market value. Listings reach the largest number of potential buyers shortly after they hit the Multiple Listings. A recent statistic shows that a home priced at market value will reach 60% of potential buyers.

When you go above market value by 10% you are only reaching 30% of potential buyers, and the number of potential buyers plummets to 10% when it is priced 15% above market price. If a property is dismissed as being overpriced early on, it can result in later

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Suburban Neighborhood

When most people picture their dream home, they imagine what the house would look like. But in many cases it is the neighborhood that makes or breaks the home. The ideal house that is too far from work, in the wrong school district, in a high crime area or with other problems is just a nice house in a bad place. To avoid finding that great house in the wrong place, it is often best to choose the right neighborhood(s) before even looking at specific homes. Here are some considerations that a potential home buyer can use to determine which neighborhood is the right one to meet his or her specific needs.

Solicit Advice

One way to quickly find neighborhoods to consider or to avoid is to ask people living in the area for recommendations. If the home

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Home Tax

There are a number of good reasons to own a home but one of the most commonly overlooked is the tax advantages. The federal tax code provides a lot of breaks for a homeowner that will help to reduce the homeowner’s tax bill and work to defray the cost of buying a home. Here is a look at some of the ways that owning a home can help a homeowner to reduce his or her tax obligation.

Mortgage Interest

Most people who buy a home will do so using a mortgage. Part of the monthly mortgage payment that a homeowner makes will go toward interest on the mortgage loan. This amount of the payment is tax deductible in the year that the payment is made. In the early years of the mortgage a significant portion of the monthly payment will go toward interest

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A Brevard County Beach Florida

Many people think Brevard County is just the place where they launched the space shuttle. However, there is amazing real estate that is well worth looking into. There is 230 miles of beautiful coastline, which makes it a very desirable place to live. The area is fairly conservative which makes it a nice part of the world to raise a family, or retire.

You can still find that perfect property, as there are still a lot of good bargains to be had when you invest in Brevard County Real Estate. There was a lot of news about Brevard County being one of the best places to live in 2003. Consequently, there were a lot of new housing projects built at the time and there is still surplus. This means that you can own a high end home but not have to invest a lot of

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Indian River Manatee

While standing on the dock, admiring the calm and glassy look of the Indian River when all of a sudden there is a huge splash out of nowhere! The noise was so loud it caused 3 people to jump and yell, "What was that?!"

What an amazing experience to watch these magnificent mammals in the wild.

As exciting and unique as the experience was, it was dampened by the sight of ugly, healed propeller marks on the back of some of the manatee.

While there isn't much that beats boating on a beautiful day in Brevard, sure wish there was a way to protect these magnificent creatures.

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Beach Front Real Estate Sold Sign

If you live in a neighborhood where your neighbors have been there for years and there is little or no bank involvement in the neighborhood, then your home is easier to sell in a foreclosure market. However, if your neighborhood is composed of bank owned homes, or short sale listings, then the sale of your home requires a great deal of patience.

While not impossible, just be aware that you may have longer days on the market than average. Before the real estate balloon of the 2000s, an appraiser would disregard any homes in the neighborhood that were being sold under the market value. Unfortunately, today’s market is different! Appraisers take into condition all properties that have sold in order to determine market value in a neighborhood.


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