About us: your local real estate agency

When you’re looking for an agent to help you with real estate buying or selling, it can be tough to make the right choice. That’s why we thought we’d tell you a bit about ourselves first, so you can make up your own mind.

First-hand knowledge of Brevard real estate and local areas

We have years of professional experience in Brevard property transactions. We know the local areas, we’ve got the inside information on every community, and we have real estate agents across the county with first hand insight and their ear to the ground, keeping right up to date with what’s coming on to the market.

Wide experience representing buyers and negotiating with sellers

Not only that, we have a knack for negotiating the best deals, by talking and listening, analyzing the data and offering our expert advice. We know how important it is for both buyer and seller to fix on the most favorable price they can, and we understand the real life issues that affect the budgets we’re working with on both sides.

Here’s how we’ll work for you if you choose to engage our services

Buyers’ Representation

Hunting for a house on your own is a big job. We’ll make it easier and more efficient so the whole process is less exhausting and drawn out. We’ll talk to you about your budget in straightforward terms, determining what’s sensible for your situation and helping you get the financing you need.

We’ll guide you in considering which local neighborhood would suit you best, and we’ll help you prioritize a list of essential features you’re looking for in your next home. We’ll only show you the property listings that fit these criteria, to save you wasting your time.

When you’ve found a place that catches your eye, we’ll help you determine a purchase offer by doing our own analysis, involving looking at responses to other comparable properties on the market. And then we’ll negotiate on your behalf, to make sure you get the most favorable terms.

What’s more - as a buyer, all this will cost you NOTHING.

If you're ready to start house hunting, you can search real estate listings now. You can also refer to our Buyer's Guide for helpful tools and buying advice. To start working with an agent right away, please contact us.

Seller’s Representation

For most people, it's an overwhelming task to try selling a house on their own. Unless you have experience in the field there’s a steep learning curve, especially when you realize you’ll be having to deal with other professionals in this highly competitive market. You have to think about advertising, planning and budgeting, showing prospective buyers around your home, negotiating any offers, and handling complicated legal contracts and essential paperwork. When you’re in the process of relocating with all the personal upheaval that means for you and your family, this hassle is the last thing you need.

Ask us to step in and we’ll take the burden from you. We’re set up to take your home to the market quickly and effectively. We’ll give you advice about changes and improvements that will help attract buyers. We’ll advertise extensively, and at a price determined from our professional analysis of the realty market.

And when it comes to negotiating offers, we’ll represent you and make sure you get the very best price the market will allow. We’ll also help you understand the complexities involved with legal contracts and getting the deal closed, and we'll handle all the paperwork for you. With us representing you throughout the sale you can breathe a sigh of relief about the whole process, and you’ll be free to focus on the rest of life.

See our Seller's Guide to get your Free Home Evaluation, or contact us to get connected with a Seller's Agent.

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