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Joseph Baldwin

Being an "Honorary Native" of Brevard County since 1971, I have seen many changes in the area, mostly for the good, which of course, also includes my wife, our beautiful daughters, and now our wonderful Grandchildren!

I reinvented myself at this part of my life, to work as a dedicated Realtor for National Realty, after 35 years of being the very first Indoor Air Quality Specialist in the State of Florida serving Brevard County and beyond since "1984", curing "Sick Building Syndrome", and improving the air quality in the homes and businesses for people who were victims of "Indoor Pollution", and helping them to 'Breathe Easy'...the name of my company. So, I 'literally' know houses and buildings inside and out giving me just a little advantage in knowing what a home buyer needs. I feel confident that at the 'Closing', of each of my sales...the new homeowner will "Breathe Easy"!

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