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Michael Houston

I grew up in Cheyenne Wyoming most of my life and my love for the country life was everything I wanted. The fresh air wide open spaces and the work ethic that being a country boy made me who I am today. Being around nature and riding horses was so relaxing for me and I still go as often as I can.

I visited Brevard when I graduated high school as my sisters husband was stationed here, while I was visiting I didn't want to leave and this was shocking for my family since I loved being a country boy. Not long after I got back home to Cheyenne it was time to hang up my wranglers and trade them for a swim suit. I love to go diving now that I live in Florida and I'm a huge shark fanatic and dive with them any chance I can. I'm also a proud parent of two dogs one Great Dane and one Bassett hound and also have two chinchillas and my pets are my world.

I moved to Brevard in 2004 and went to Brevard Community College and got 2 associates degrees one in criminal justice and the second in general education. My journey took me to university of Central Florida for a bachelors degree in criminal justice. While I went to school I worked for Coach and mastered my client skills, such as going over and beyond to make my clients happy and making the process enjoyable. During my time at Coach I realized my love for real estate and now own a few homes that I rent out and have done so for about 12 years now. After owning homes I still felt like I wanted more with real estate so after I finished up my degree"actually I signed up for real estate classes before I graduated" I jumped right into real estate school and have loved every second of it. I do real estate because I love it not to make lots of money or to say I do but I really love it so much it doesn't feel like work it's fun to me. Having this attitude towards being a Realtor helps me do my job better and make it more enjoyable for you. All parts of real estate rather it be buying, selling, and leasing it should be a enjoyable experience for all.

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