July 2015

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Harris Corporation

Brevard County is celebrating today after the decision was finally made by major Fortune 500 company Harris Corporation, to retain its headquarters in Melbourne. It had been touch and go, with many predicting a relocation to Virginia after a powerful bid made by the state. However, it turns out that Melbourne's bid has tipped the balance, in a decision that will reinforce Brevard's global reputation for technological innovation.

The big news brings with it happiness and relief for the many existing employees already working for this major player in the defence industry. Harris is one of Brevard County's top employers, providing work for something like 6000 Florida residents. Over half of those working for the firm are skilled and highly qualified

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F16 Fighting Falcon

Once again, Florida’s Space Coast EDC (Economic Development Commission) is hitting the headlines with a very welcome financial award to boost economic stability and development in Brevard County. This time the investment is geared towards supporting the military footprint in the state, which is a major factor in the local economy. This can only be good news for the real estate market.

The latest funding announcement comes this week in the run up to Independence Day, and it’s a timely reminder of the high respect the state has for its existing community of courageous servicemen and women and their families. It was Brevard County Governor, Rick Scott, who made public the latest recipients of the large investment grant, also highlighting his office’s

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new homes sales

Are you currently in the market for a new home? The latest news shows that more and more people are. The latest figures show that newly built homes are selling fast with the sales rate last May reaching its highest level for over 7 years. Let’s put that into context. In the early 2000s the housing bubble was building strongly - US homeownership reached an all-time high in 2004. Then around 2008 onwards sales began to dip. Last May’s level of 546,000 is the highest new home sales rate since February 2008. That shows a significant shift is happening in real estate market activity and it looks set to open the door to some promising market potential this year.

Take a look at the trend this year so far. May 2015’s sales figure is more than 2 percent

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