$75k boost for ongoing Brevard Military installation

Posted Thursday, July 2nd, 2015 at 10:38am.

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Once again, Florida’s Space Coast EDC (Economic Development Commission) is hitting the headlines with a very welcome financial award to boost economic stability and development in Brevard County. This time the investment is geared towards supporting the military footprint in the state, which is a major factor in the local economy. This can only be good news for the real estate market.

The latest funding announcement comes this week in the run up to Independence Day, and it’s a timely reminder of the high respect the state has for its existing community of courageous servicemen and women and their families. It was Brevard County Governor, Rick Scott, who made public the latest recipients of the large investment grant, also highlighting his office’s intention to continue to support the proud military presence in the area.

Navy Veteran, Governor Rick Scott, gives his backing

Governor Scott is himself a veteran of the US Navy, making him the perfect advocate for the military cause. According to him, Florida can already lay claim to the title of the nation’s most ‘military-friendly’ state. It’s a bold comment, and due to widespread and deeply held national loyalties, a potentially lucrative headline for local investors. Governor Scott said his claim was based on Florida’s regular investment into the local military communities via economic boosts such as this. The Brevard County Governor took the opportunity to re-emphasise his commitment to upholding the interests of current and ex servicemen and woman, and their families, acknowledging their courage and bravery.

A sizeable sum totalling over $3 million has been granted to Brevard County by the combined contributions of two separate grant programs - the Defense Support Task Force and the Defense Infrastructure and Reinvestment initiative. Together these agencies have helped strengthen and develop the economic wellbeing of military families in Florida’s Space Coast area. It’s a welcome boost for Florida real estate because of the enduring affection and loyalty of the public towards these selfless communities, making the association a very positive one.

Economic Development Commission funding welcomed

The EDC is the committee tasked with protecting, sustaining and expanding economic activity in the years since NASA’s space program ended. Yet again it was chosen to receive financial support amounting to $75,000. This award demonstrates the very real and positive economic benefits of military installations in the county for attracting funding and government investment that in turn promote the wider economy.

Receipt of the Enterprise Florida grant was recognised by CEO and president of the EDC, Lynda Weatherman, who was quoted as saying the money showed the significance of the EDC’s efforts to sustain a positive future for military installations in Brevard County. Under Weatherman’s leadership, local business heads have developed effective roles and relationships that benefit communications and infrastructure between the Defense Department, the local Brevard County community and the US Air Force. There are several examples of EDC programs designed to bring together different parts of the community in this way, with simultaneous advantages for both public and military interests. One such initiative is called ‘Public-Public-Private-Partnership’ (or P4), and it’s producing very successful outcomes. P4 works by encouraging contractual partnerships between the Air Force and the Brevard County community in ways that bring substantial benefits for both sides, while cashing in on the distinctive resources and skills each of these sectors bring to the table.

The EDC president voiced her strong support for initiatives such as P4, and promised the ongoing commitment of the EDC to assessing and taking advantage of the various challenges and potential  that comes with the continued presence of the military community.

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