Brevard County attracts another high flyer!

Posted Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015 at 11:58am.


National Realty is excited to announce some really great news for buyers and sellers in the Brevard County area. In a lucrative vote of confidence for the local economy (and, we predict, the real estate market!) a major player in international aviation is set to arrive in Titusville, Florida. Top commercial jet manufacturing giant Embraer has just gone public with major new plans to expand in the county, with the creation of 150 new jobs, each with a salary of just under $50,000.

The Space Coast economy continues to develop steadily, and this new Embraer operation looks like it will bring renewed interest in local property, as well as the incentive for other businesses internationally to make Brevard County their chosen location. Embraer’s highly anticipated new proposals were finally unveiled at the Paris Air Show at the beginning of this month, reinforcing the state’s ongoing significance in the history and future of air travel. ‘Project Eagle,’ as it’s been called, will see Embraer developing their new site in the Titusville Spaceport Commerce Park, offering the local North Brevard area significant economic growth potential going forward.

The welcome news comes in the wake of the county’s decision to end sales tax on equipment used for manufacturing, a business concession that came into effect last year. It’s a move that is proving to attract a range of firms to the area, making Florida an increasingly serious contender for would-be relocations and expansions. The new Embraer jobs will be in the field of aero seating - basically, the development and production of luxury aircraft seating right through from the blue-print to final delivery. The new operation, Embraer Aero Seating Technologies, comes after Embraer’s recent takeover of a similar company based in California.

More world-leading technology based here in Titusville

Embraer’s headquarters are in Brazil, where it’s among the top exporters in the country, but the firm has offices right around the globe. In its 46 year history Embraer has become a world leader in the manufacturing of commercial jets with less than 130 seats. It’s a credit to Titusville that the community has landed ‘Project Eagle’ into such capable hands.

It’s not by accident that North Brevard has attracted Embraer to the area. Several organisations are working hard to rejuvenate and invest along the Space Coast of Florida to ensure its impressive air and space heritage continues and to impact economic growth and stability for everyone living and working here. It took a strategic NBEDZ and EDC collaboration to ensure the package of incentives for the winning ‘Project Eagle’ bid would draw the very best contenders into the running.

NBEDZ (North Brevard Economic Development Zone) was introduced to encourage jobs and economic development in the area after the internationally renowned NASA Space Shuttle program ended in 2011. NBEDZ was responsible for contributing the $2.5 million award, together with provision of a fully prepared 15 acre site ready for the building work.

EDC (the Economic Development Commission responsible for the Space Coast) is a not-for-profit organisation run by heads of business who are working to maintain and grow the economy of the area, through pushing for change in law and instigating new ways to promote economic expansion and attract new firms to invest here.

With this substantial boost to the local economy, we can expect other businesses to follow suit and make an impact well beyond Titusville. This is truly fantastic news if you’re buying and selling real estate in County Brevard.

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