Florida network communications set for upgrade with new Harris contract

Posted Saturday, November 5th, 2016 at 6:52pm.

Harris Corporation

Great news for business and enterprise on the Space Coast is always great news for Florida real estate. That’s why we’re celebrating the latest developments from Harris, one of the biggest job providers in Brevard County, as it sets to revamp our communications networks.

Melbourne-based Harris Corporation is a major league player in global technology. With an annual revenue around $7.5 billion, customers in over 100 countries across the world, and a workforce of more than 20,000, any business expansion or new partnership has big implications for property buying and selling in this region.

The new development in question is a minimum 7 year contract for Harris to provide a secure and efficient communications network that links the key authorities and administrative agencies right across the state. In a world that relies on increasingly high speed connectivity and optimized infrastructure, Florida is getting ready to enhance and future proof its state-wide communications.

Communications improved across schools, authorities and agencies

The name of the new network is MFN-2, which stands for MyFloridaNet-2. MFN-2 is set to connect over 4000 sites by way of a total number of 4700 connections, which will include schools, government sites, law and safety departments, as well as other vital authorities and agencies.

With its headquarters in Melbourne, Florida, Harris Corp already has a powerful infrastructure, namely the Harris Trusted Enterprise Network, or HTEN, which was developed specifically for the company. The HTEN involves over 15,000 fiber route miles — the industry measure of the total geographical distance covered by a telecommunications network.

That means, with HTEN as the basis for the new Florida network expansion, the state will benefit from cutting edge technological expertise and high capacity data transportation to keep its major institutions up and running efficiently. Communications are likely to be vastly improved, not just on a day to day basis, but also up and running ready for smooth handling of any crisis or emergency situation.

Network capacity for voice, email, hosting - the whole range of data and communications

The network has the capacity to handle the whole spectrum of data and connectivity, right from voice calls and data streaming to email and web-hosting. Public service internet access will be improved by this contract, with the network benefits extending to schools and public libraries, as well as government agencies and local authorities.

Harris Critical Networks deals with telecommunications in air, sea and space travel, IT and advanced systems designed to increase security and safety. President of Harris Critical Networks is Carl D’Alessandro is expecting the new implementations to enable Florida’s state-wide agencies to be able to ‘work together seamlessly and efficiently, whether in emergency situations or conducting routine business.’

He says that the major benefits for Florida of the new contract include supporting ‘safety and economic growth of our State while generating cost savings over the life of the program.’

As he also notes, Harris has its own vested interest in Florida. Network improvements for this part of the country mean knock-on benefits for Harris itself.

Key partnerships between Harris and other big name businesses

The MFN-2 program will draw on a staff of at least 100 Harris employees at times, and will rely on collaboration with other companies, such as FiberNet and Verizon. Harris will also be working with the number three utility company in the country, and provider of power to somewhere in the region of 10 million individuals, Florida Power and Light Co (FPL). FPL only recently announced they were working with Harris in the development of their new improved state-wide digital system, as it transitions from analog to the industry standard IP-based Harris P25 network. FPL staff working in this area number around 3000.

New telecommunications improvements mean increased reliability, scalability and security, as well as streamlined costs. Even beyond the MFN-2 network, the continued growth and expansion of Harris looks likely to bring about approximately 50 new jobs, many of which could come to its headquarters in Melbourne.

For telecommunications workers and those with a stake in Florida real estate, this news is likely to come as a welcome boost for Brevard County.

If you’re looking to purchase property in Melbourne, along the Space Coast, or anywhere in Brevard County, contact us and we’ll help guide you safely and successfully through the process.

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