Inexpensive Tips To Stage Your Home For A Quick Sale

Posted Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016 at 8:58pm.

Home Staging Tips

If you are ready to sell your home, you may possibly have a price in mind that is going to be the lowest you will be willing to accept. Unfortunately, if your home has small issues that catch a buyer's attention, you may not get the offer you were looking for. By taking a little time to stage your home before your real estate agent starts showing it, you will get positive results and a better selling price. Inexpensive staging changes can add to the resale value of your home. It's important to remember the cost of any potential work or problem a buyer sees will be deducted from their offering price. There are inexpensive things you can do to improve the appearance of your home and increase the value.

The Bathroom

One of the most important rooms that buyers consider when looking at potential homes is the bathroom. Clean and scrub every corner of the bathroom until it shines. A mixture of equal amounts of water and bleach can be sprayed on walls to remove dirt and mold, and you can also use it on the sink, tub, and shower. If you have a glass shower door that is dull and grimy, use a mixture of one part muriatic acid and ten parts water to clean it. Remove the door and use steel wool to scrub it down, and rinse well before reinstalling. Your door will look like new. All medicines should be placed in a lock box in your bedroom closet whenever your home is to be shown. Be sure all your lights bulbs are new and dust free. Depending on your budget, you can add any or all of the following items to your bathroom.

  • Fresh paint in a neutral shade
  • New appliance fixtures
  • Pedestal sink
  • Low-flow toilet
  • New medicine cabinet
  • New drawer pulls and cabinet knobs
  • New curtains or valance

The Kitchen

Family meals and entertaining revolve around the kitchen. It needs to be clean, bright, and as modern as possible. Your kitchen cabinets can be a turnoff to a potential buyer. Are they old and outdated? Replacing kitchen cabinets can be a costly venture, but refinishing them and adding new modern hardware can cost as little as $150.00. Scrub every corner of the kitchen and thoroughly clean and polish your appliances. Be sure your windows are washed inside and out. If your counter tops are really old, you may have no choice but to replace them. Consider any or all of the following low cost improvements to your kitchen.

  • Fresh paint
  • New modern kitchen sink fixture
  • Install under cabinet lighting with dimmer switch
  • Add a movable island if space allows
  • Install new switch plates
  • New counter tops
  • New window treatment

The Master Bedroom

This room should be gender neutral and appeal to both men and women. Use light colors and add new bedding and curtains. Clean carpeting, arrange clothes closet neatly, and remove extra furniture so the room appears as large as possible. Remove all personal items from the top of bureaus and night stands.

For All Rooms

Every room in the home should be cleaned thoroughly. Not a speck of dirt or dust can remain on blinds, baseboards, windowsills, or molding. Windows should be washed inside and out, and drapes pulled open to let as much light in as possible. Dark colored walls should be painted in softer neutral shades. Remove personal family photos and opt for one or two landscape pictures on the walls. Shelves should be cleared of the majority of their contents with only a few books, a vase, and some small trinkets left. Potential buyers need to be able to imagine their belongings fitting in your rooms. Limit the amount of furniture in each room. Large, bulky, stained, or old furniture pieces should be put in storage. Also store any other items you can live without until the house is sold, including artwork, knick knacks, tools, seasonal clothing, excessive toys, books, family memorabilia, collections, and anything else that takes up shelf and wall space.

Your Entry

An attractive entry makes a good first impression on a potential buyer. The walkway should be free of weeds, and have no broken pavers or flagstones. Shrubs should be trimmed and gardens weeded. Give your door a fresh coat of paint, and polish handle, door knocker, or any other metal accessories. A spacious porch can have a few potted plants to add some color.

Staging your home for potential buyers is well worth the time and a few hundred dollars. Only do what you can afford for improvements, but don't neglect any of the cleaning and storage of unused items. Your real estate agent will have successful showings as a result, and you will have an acceptable offer.

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