Something to consider: Utilities on or off?

Posted Sunday, December 11th, 2011 at 3:37am.

So I have a been working with a client that is from out of country and I have shown over a dozen homes to in the Melbourne area. At first she was convinced that it was a short sale she was looking for. A nice home for a nice price. Wow, that would be terrific! It wasn't until about the third house that she was shocked with the condition of most of them and she quickly learned the difference of short sales and regular homes on the market.

One question she kept asking was "are the utilities on"? "How can I tell if there is a leak anywhere if I can not have the water on"? Ahh. Bingo. Brings to mind a question. Should homeowners leave the utilities on while trying to sell the home?

Of course every situation is different and is on a case-by-case basis depending on the homeowners financial situation. Some would agree to keep the power on so that the home shows better. I agree, it keeps the air circulating in the home and a feeling that someone didn't just abandon the house. It can get creepy in some of them, especially after dark with a flash light. It 's also common in Florida that when the electricity is off in a home it quickly gets a musty smell. Not too pleasant.

Some would disagree and say that homeowners who are selling are already struggling to pay their bills and find no reason to keep it on baring another expenses. Does it boil down to whether or not they are taking an interest in the house being sold or are they just walking away.

Something to consider!

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