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When it comes to choosing where to settle down and invest, basic comfort is all important. That goes for home relocation, business expansion, and it definitely goes for top quality seating in private jets.

That’s why major aerospace innovators Embraer chose carefully when they finally landed on Titusville in Brevard County as the winning destination for the new seating division of their airplane design and manufacturing business.

This exciting development for the Titusville aerospace industry means our Space Coast success story continues to go from strength to strength, and that means jobs, security, and a bright outlook for Brevard County residents and investors.

Embraer - already a major business presence in the county

Embraer is no

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Harris Corporation

Brevard County is celebrating today after the decision was finally made by major Fortune 500 company Harris Corporation, to retain its headquarters in Melbourne. It had been touch and go, with many predicting a relocation to Virginia after a powerful bid made by the state. However, it turns out that Melbourne's bid has tipped the balance, in a decision that will reinforce Brevard's global reputation for technological innovation.

The big news brings with it happiness and relief for the many existing employees already working for this major player in the defence industry. Harris is one of Brevard County's top employers, providing work for something like 6000 Florida residents. Over half of those working for the firm are skilled and highly qualified

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new homes sales

Are you currently in the market for a new home? The latest news shows that more and more people are. The latest figures show that newly built homes are selling fast with the sales rate last May reaching its highest level for over 7 years. Let’s put that into context. In the early 2000s the housing bubble was building strongly - US homeownership reached an all-time high in 2004. Then around 2008 onwards sales began to dip. Last May’s level of 546,000 is the highest new home sales rate since February 2008. That shows a significant shift is happening in real estate market activity and it looks set to open the door to some promising market potential this year.

Take a look at the trend this year so far. May 2015’s sales figure is more than 2 percent

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Florida Home

As we know, real estate markets change from month to month, and good news for sellers is not such great news for buyers.  We don’t currently have a balanced market in Florida real estate. The problem for buyers (and therefore the advantage for sellers!) is that there’s just not enough property to go round.

What would a balanced market look like? Well, economists typically look at what they call the ‘real estate absorption rate,’ which is calculated by taking the number of houses currently on the market by the number of sales. The result gives us a figure that show the number of months’ supply of homes available, or we could say, the number of coming months during which the market can offer as many homes are currently in demand. The market favors

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American MagLev Technology Inc

Looking for even more reasons to invest in Brevard County real estate? Well, here could be yet another good one. Plans are being discussed - nothing definite yet, but talks are underway - to introduce train links between Port Canaveral and some top shopping, travel and leisure destinations, including local beaches, hotels and restaurants. Rumour has it that even Orlando International Airport could get its own rail connection with this major central Florida east coast port, although it’s the internal transport system within the Canaveral area that is being prioritised at this stage.

The train links under consideration are courtesy of American MagLev Technology Inc, who are making plans for a privately funded operation. The company has over 30 years

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National Realty is excited to announce some really great news for buyers and sellers in the Brevard County area. In a lucrative vote of confidence for the local economy (and, we predict, the real estate market!) a major player in international aviation is set to arrive in Titusville, Florida. Top commercial jet manufacturing giant Embraer has just gone public with major new plans to expand in the county, with the creation of 150 new jobs, each with a salary of just under $50,000.

The Space Coast economy continues to develop steadily, and this new Embraer operation looks like it will bring renewed interest in local property, as well as the incentive for other businesses internationally to make Brevard County their chosen location. Embraer’s highly

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Brazilian engineering company Archo landing at Florida Tech Research Park

MELBOURNE, Fla. (March 20, 2013) — Melbourne International Airport’s reputation as one of the world’s fastest-growing aviation manufacturing and maintenance hubs has helped secure another international tenant for the airport.

Archo Solutions Engineering USA, a subsidiary of Solutions Design & Engineering of Sao Paolo, Brazil, will establish operations at the Florida Tech Research Park at Melbourne International Airport. Company officials signed lease agreements earlier this month to open Archo’s first U.S. facility at the 100-acre research park, a partnership between the airport and the Florida Institute of Technology. The Melbourne Airport Authority approved the lease today.

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MELBOURNE, FL (Dec. 15, 2010) — Midair S.A., an international aviation company headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, announced today the location of a major U.S. aircraft maintenance operation at Melbourne International Airport.

Midair S.A. projects the 180,000-square-foot facility will have a work force of 300 to 450 within three years with average annual wages of $45,564. The $28 million facility will include two hangar bays designed to accommodate Boeing 747-400 aircraft for interior reconfigurations, as well as extensive maintenance, repair, painting and overhaul functions. The site will be operated by subsidiary MidairUSA Inc. of Rome, N.Y.

During the planning and negotiating process, the airport designated MidairUSA as “Project Aries”.

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