Top flight business expansion is sitting comfortably in Titusville

Posted Wednesday, September 21st, 2016 at 6:33pm.


When it comes to choosing where to settle down and invest, basic comfort is all important. That goes for home relocation, business expansion, and it definitely goes for top quality seating in private jets.

That’s why major aerospace innovators Embraer chose carefully when they finally landed on Titusville in Brevard County as the winning destination for the new seating division of their airplane design and manufacturing business.

This exciting development for the Titusville aerospace industry means our Space Coast success story continues to go from strength to strength, and that means jobs, security, and a bright outlook for Brevard County residents and investors.

Embraer - already a major business presence in the county

Embraer is no small fry in this industry. They already boast an extensive business network right across the country, as well as internationally. Employing 1000 in Brevard County, and with over 45 years experience in designing and supplying aircraft for a variety of markets, Embraer’s new Titusville development is a big boost for the Florida aerospace industry, as well as for the Brevard economy. Existing investment by this company in the Brevard area already amounts to around $150m.

The Florida Space Coast Economic Development Commission was formed to build on the area’s prestigious and world famous position in the history of space travel. It is in the Commission’s interests to secure the introduction and development of aerospace jobs in the area and make certain the aerospace legacy continues.

The chairman elect of the Commission, Winston Scott, is himself a former NASA astronaut, so a highly respected voice in the industry. He points out that this wasn’t a done deal, and it needed the Commission to fight for it. ‘Brevard county was only one of many options Embraer considered to locate this quality expansion.’

The original plans could have seen this key strategic expansion go to Arizona. However, once again, a combination of strong negotiations and powerful incentives resulted in the deal coming Brevard’s way.

Florida Governor Rick Scott welcomed the news with passion, saying ’We want all the jobs in the world in Florida.’ With enthusiasm like that its no wonder the Commission won Embraer over. Once again Scott made clear his strong commitment to making florida increasingly attractive to businesses looking to invest here, ‘by cutting taxes and eliminating burdensome regulations.’

Jet seating is an exciting new market for Embraer

Embraer already has operations on the Space coast for research, jet assembly, engineering and customer support, making the innovation into airplane seating technologies the logical next step. Aero seating is a newer enterprise for Embraer. In fact it’s the first time the company has ventured into this branch of aero technologies.

This sector of their business came from a takeover in 2015 from a California-based firm. The new Embraer Aero Seating Technologies facility in Titusville has a footprint of 50,000 square foot, and the plans here are set to create 150 new jobs, each earning on average a healthy $48,000.


The ultimate aerospace customer touch point - jet plane seating

Customers in the market for private jets naturally care about comfortable seating, which is why this new business is seen as significant in the bid for Embraer to become the major player in small private jet sales. The new CEO and president of Embraer (Paulo Cesar de Souza e Silva) described the aircraft seat as ‘the ultimate customer touch point’ - referring to the personal way customers engage with a brand. Clearly the comfort of their seating is a major factor in how Embraer’s private customers experience the aspirational quality of their brand. Comfort says it all.

This latest Embraer expansion, and the repeat success of the Space Coast Commission in winning the bid for aerospace business expansion in this area, is fantastic news for investors in Brevard County real estate.

Embraer’s growing presence will encourage other businesses to choose in favour of this location, which means more business investment, more economic development, more prestige, and an influx of engineering and science professionals, both individuals and their families.

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