Disclosures & Documentation

Seller's Disclosures & Important Documentation

Get ready to sell your home

That decision to sell your home was the first big step. Now it’s time to get your official documents and paperwork in order, as this will help smooth the process going forward. Here’s what you’re going to need.

Seller’s Disclosure

The Seller's Disclosure is your key document in the whole property selling process. It's the one you’re going to have to provide yourself, for legal purposes, and it's where you describe the details of your home, including its condition, what appliances and other systems you have built in, and information about the structure itself. There’s also a part about zoning changes, legalities and any conditions linked to the property.

It’s really important to get this one right. Any errors on the Seller’s Disclosure, and you could easily find yourself with a lawsuit. So, be up front when you’re filling out the forms, give as much relevant detail as you can. If there are any points that relate to known issues you’re aware of in your house, make especially sure you get those answers correct. If those problems have been solved now, still disclose that information, and describe what happened. Any previous reports or property inspections are relevant here, so make sure you include a copy and give the specific details.

Disclosing everything is a legal requirement. It safeguards your buyer, but it also ensures you’re covered in the event of any future problems emerging over time. The correct Seller's Disclosure form for Brevard County is available from us at National Realty.

Additional Disclosures

In some cases, you’ll need to supply further information in addition to what’s requested in the disclosure form. For example:

  • Septic System - Does your property have a septic system or independent sewer? If so, you need to provide details. We can provide you with the relevant document for this.
  • Gas System - How about propane gas? Disclose that information if your home has this kind of system. The Addendum for Property in a Propane Gas System Service Area is available from National Realty.
  • Municipal Utility District (MUD) Notice - Properties situated in a Municipal Utility District need additional disclosures of the relevant information relating to that district. There are various forms for this disclosure, and yours will depend on the district you’re in. Contact us for details.
  • Lead-Based Paint - Sellers of homes built before the late ‘70s need to give a notice of lead-based paint, even if you know there’s no lead-based paint in your home. We can supply you with the relevant addendum on lead-based paint.

Further documentation

As well the Seller’s Disclosure, there are other documents and related information you’ll need to supply for this sale.

Legal Documents

  • Mortgage Information - Collect any paperwork to do with your mortgage arrangement. This will be required when we’re assessing your house price and your readiness to sell your property. It’s worth spending some time finding out where you’re at currently with your home loan. We'll help with that.
  • Property Taxes - Since buyers are likely to want to know about local taxes and rates, you’d be well advised to know the facts and figures yourself. These will also be requested by the title company along with the official property documents in due course.
  • Home Owners Association (HOA) - Are you selling a property that’s related to a home owner’s association? If so, have the contact information ready with the rest of your paperwork, and make sure you know how the relevant restrictions apply to the property. A resale certificate and copy of the restrictions will be requested by the title company when you’re under contract, but it’s useful for agents to have the information to hand when they’re communicating with potential buyers, wondering about the possibilities for upgrade and additions (e.g. for a new swimming pool etc.).
  • Other Property Restrictions - Even aside from Home Owners Association clauses, there may be other legal restrictions that apply to your home. Make sure you find out what applies to your property and let your agent know.

Surveys and Audits

  • Property Survey - You’ll have to provide a property survey that determines the boundaries of the property and any changes or additions that have been made. A new survey might be necessary if the changes are recent. You’ll also need to complete the T-47 Residential Real Property Affidavit, which is a legal document outlining for the buyer your honest understanding of the boundaries and any changes made to your property since the survey was done. This form is available online.
  • Original Home Appraisal - The official square footage of your property is listed in the original assessment. If this appraisal states a higher value than is shown on the tax records, we can use that higher value in your property listing and for marketing purposes.
  • Energy Audit - The energy audit states information about your heating and cooling systems, and the energy efficiency of insulation, ductwork, windows, and other features. We can advise you on Brevard County’s requirements for energy conservation disclosure, and the circumstances under which your property might be exempt from this kind of documentation. We can also advise on certified ECAD professionals to carry out an energy audit in your area if necessary.

Additional Items

  • Utility Bills - When buying a home, it’s important to know how much the household is going to cost to run, so providing your agent with the most recent 6 to 12 months of bills is a good idea. These records should show the provider’s contact details too.
  • Top Features in your property - Give your realtor the inside information on any special features in your home. Whatever upgrades or additions you’ve made, it’s worth spelling that out so that your agent can point them out and talk about them with potential buyers. Also mention any notable features in the local area, including the distance to nearby schools, amenity centres and so on.
  • Floor Plan - Do you have accurate information on the measurements of your house? Let your realtor know. A floor plan is a good way to help a potential buyer see the space they’re getting, to supplement the photos and other marketing materials we provide. It’s nice for your agent to have a copy available.
  • Warranties - If you have warranties for anything in your home, or for any work you’ve had done, or any instruction manuals relating to appliances included in your house sale, hand these to the agent. It’s reassuring for a buyer to have these available.

Any questions?

We understand it can be a lot to take in, but be assured we’re ready to help you through the process and give you any advice or assistance you need. Gather your relevant documents as early as possible, and you’ll have that much less to think about in your upcoming move.

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