Marketing Plan

Our Marketing Plan

We can judge what price is likely to attract the right interest, and competitive offers that will drive up the final sale value.

When you’re ready to give us the go-ahead to help you sell your home, we’ll put into action our comprehensive marketing plan to make sure we give it our best shot from day one. It’s a plan that continues to serve us well and we can reassure you it’s a fast track route to getting your real estate details straight into the hands of potential buyers who are looking for a home just like yours.

Step by step, here’s what we’ll do.

We’ll market your home at an effective price

Not too high, not too low, but just right. With our marketing experience we can judge what price is likely to attract the right interest, and competitive offers that will drive up the final sale value. How do we do that? Analysis of the market means that we can tell which prices in your area are most actively searched for, and we’ll balance this against the market response to other properties available that are similar to yours.

We’ll ensure fast and widespread exposure of your home

To start with, we’ll create a listing that sets out and emphasizes the unique selling points of your real estate. Then we’ll get that listing published across our local MLS (multiple listing service) as well as hundreds of other websites. In addition your listing will appear in real estate publications. And of course, our nationwide network of contacts and buyers will have full access to check out the details of your property.

We’ll use our online marketing to maximum effect

You can already see how successful our new website is in drawing attention to the distinctive features of properties that are up for sale, as well as making all the listings attractive and searchable. Did you know that 90% of home buyers look online first when they’re looking for a new home. It’s one part of our marketing strategy that is extremely effective, and it’s one you as a seller can’t afford to miss out on?

We’ll work to get you the very best deal with the minimum of hassle

Listing your home will cost you nothing extra. And when the offers start to come in, we’ll be here to represent you and get you the best price. We’ll have your interests at heart when we’re working to close the deal, and we’ll spell out everything to you so you’re fully aware of what’s happening. That includes overseeing all the paperwork related to the sale.

So contact us to discuss the real estate you’re looking to sell, and we’ll get our marketing plan underway as soon as you’re ready. One thing we do know - the buyers are out there and they’re motivated. One call or email to us, and we’ll get on track to find the right buyer for your property.

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