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U.S. Military on the Move® (MOM)

Superior real estate services & rewards to those who have served

As real estate professionals, we know that people have many reasons for needing to relocate during their lives. Whatever your reasons may be, National Realty of Brevard, Inc. is here for you. This is especially true for military families.

Support and guidance for military relocation, wherever you’re posted

United States military members are always on the move. We know that when you and your family are posted to new stations in unfamiliar areas you need a comprehensive service to support your relocation - one that fully understands the big challenges and practical issues that you face with each big move.

Here at National Realty of Brevard, Inc., we are proud to support the brave and courageous military community who risk their lives to secure our freedom.

That’s why we’re pleased to be part of the highly successful Military on the Move program, which has been designed to make each new move you have to make so much less stressful.

The Military on the Move program was set up as part of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® (LeadingRE) organization, of which National Realty of Brevard, Inc. is an affiliate. The program is free of charge and provides information and guidance that’s specifically tailored for military relocations. Those eligible to become part of this benefit are acting members of the military, wounded warriors and retired military members who have at least 20 years of active service behind them.

Cash rebates for buying and selling with Military on the Move®

One of the major benefits of the Military on the Move program is a real estate cash rebate that you will qualify for provided first, that you meet the eligibility criteria of the benefit, secondly, that you’re buying or selling in a state where the law allows it, and finally, as long as you are represented by an assigned US Military on the Move real estate firm at closing. The cash rebate is paid at settlement and the amount is calculated from the actual sales price, which means you won’t just be awarded a fixed sum for falling within a general valuation range. Your rebate will be based on the exact amount of the property you sell or purchase.

National Realty of Brevard, Inc. will partner you with a highly qualified real estate agent who has up-to-date expertise and in-depth local knowledge of the area you’re looking in. Your agent will be happy to provide you with all the information you’ll need to make a well informed decision regarding your real estate needs. All our agents are experienced real estate professionals, and they offer a quality service that will make your next military relocation easier and smoother.

There’s no limit on the rebate that you can receive from the Military on the Move program, and you won’t be tied in by a mortgage. Your agent will give you guidance and support and let you know their best recommendations for lenders suited to your circumstances, and then you’ll be free to make your own decision as to who to continue with.

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World

Trustworthy brokers who are experienced with military moves

Brokers who are part of this benefit have all met the high service requirements and professional performance standards established by LeadingRE. As independent brokers with home-grown local knowledge of the location where you’re buying or selling, they are quality agents who offer a quality service. There are brokers in every area where there is a military base, as well as others located in destinations where members of the military often choose to retire.

Who is LeadingRE?

LeadingRE stands for Leading Real Estate Companies of the world. LRE is an organization that was set up nearly 50 years ago to represent top quality REALTORS in the real estate industry. Affiliates are located across the states and beyond. Membership in this elite group is ‘by-invitation-only’, which means each organisation has been handpicked for offering a quality service that is trustworthy and reliable. Through this network of expertise, Military on the Move provides up-to-date local information and support for every single military base across the nation.

If you’re looking for help and support for your next military move, contact Barbara Nelson today to discuss your next steps. We’re proud to offer a service that supports the United States military and their families, in recognition of their immense courage and dedication.


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