Preparing For Home Photos

Preparing Your Home For Photos

Make your home sparkle

Your home buyer is almost definitely going to be looking online for their next Brevard County Fl house, and that means yours has to look fabulous in the photos. Fortunately there’s a lot you can do to prepare your home for the photo shoot. Here are our recommendations, and you should also take a look at our guide on Getting Your Home Ready to Sell for some expert tips on home presentation.

Your Home Exterior

When you stand outside your own home, what do you think? Would you buy it based on how it looks right now? Or are there a few little details that will distract in the photo, such as:

  • Clean and tidy - Make sure you remove anything that needs putting away or throwing away. That includes garden equipment and children’s toys.
  • Windows - If the windows look cluttered or fussy from the outside, do your best to simplify curtains and ornaments.
  • Gardens - Take a closer look at the condition of your lawn, any flower beds, trees or bushes. Trim what needs trimming and give that cared-for look.
  • Cars - For the perfect photo of your home, a clear driveway and roadside means no cars.
  • Porches - Make sure your porch is picture perfect. Clean and clear whatever you need to.
  • Lights - Check any outside lights are in order, and turn them on to look extra welcoming.


Your Home Interior

The photos inside your home will need to show it free of clutter, and looking at its very best. Here are a few easy pointers.

  • Clean and tidy - Put all your clutter away, clear the surfaces, hide any toys, make all the beds. Plump up the cushions and pay attention to details like straightening the pillows and ironing out any creases in the bed.
  • Lights - Turn on all the indoor lights and lamps for a bright and welcoming look.
  • Fans - Remember that if you have anything moving in the shot it will blur, so turn off any fans.
  • Windows - Curtains and blinds can be perfect for hiding unwanted views, or for framing picture windows that show nice features. Just don’t hide the blinds or curtains themselves because they’re a helpful selling point.
  • Bathroom - It’s a simple job to clean countertops, refresh the towels, put away any rugs, and hide all your bathroom products.
  • Pets - No offence to your pets, but we don’t want to rule out any potential buyers. So for the photo, hide anything relating to pets in your home, including your pet.
  • Create space - Basically anything that’s specific to your family life needs to be out of shot so that your buyer can imagine themselves in your home. Family photos, pet food bowls, fridge magnets all need to go. And trashcans need to be out of sight.

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