Pricing Your Home For Sale

Pricing Your Home For Sale

Price your home right for buyers

Ready to sell your home in Brevard County, Florida? National Realty is waiting to take your property to market, and to work with you to get the deal you’re after in the quickest time. We know about property pricing, and our professional experience means we'll give you advice that’s tried and tested - like these in-house tips on pricing any home for sale.

What home sellers need to know: how a buyer thinks

Usually, home owners imagine too high a price when it comes to selling their property. Of course you love it. You’ve probably spent time investing your life in it. But prospective buyers won’t see it like that. When you’re selling up, you need to put your personal feelings to one side and trust professional guidance on current market prices.

Remember: the properties still listed aren’t sold yet

Active MLS listings show what’s for sale, but it's important to remember that while they're still unsold there's no proof that the listed prices are justified. When you’re looking at your own house, don't just look at the listings. You need to look at your home in terms of what's actually selling recently.

How long you’re on the market affects the final price

If a prospective buyer sees that your property hasn’t sold for weeks and months, they will take that as a reason to make you a low offer. That’s just how it works. And that’s why it’s important to go in with the right price from the start. You’re more likely to get near to what you’re asking for. Occasionally people win the gamble of pitching a much higher house price, but in the end you’re more likely to lose out. So listen to your agent and get yourself placed in the right bracket for the property market from the beginning. It makes a lot of sense.

Your home upgrades can have a downside too

So you’ve added a conservatory? A buyer might see that as a smaller garden. Private pool? That’s going to need maintenance. The biggest house in the neighborhood? So what about the extra car parking for that big a family in a crowded street. Those upgrades you’ve added to your home aren’t always going to add to the price.

Why will buyers want what your home offers?

As we've said, it’s really important to think like a buyer when you’re selling. Most home buyers will have a list of properties to compare. Yours is just one on that list. Stand in their shoes. What’s so good about your home when there are all those other houses? Does anything set it apart from the rest? What’s that feature worth to a potential buyer? These are the questions that will help set the right asking price.

Super-quick house sale? Too low a price?

If your property is sold in the first few weeks, you might be wondering if you could have got more for it. You might start wishing you'd asked for more. But it’s also true that unless that buyer had come along, you could have been waiting for months. So be optimistic. Your agent did great work when they set your agreed price, and placed it exactly where it needed to be for a fast sale. Now you don’t have to deal with any more showings, you’re ready to move on with your own plans, and that major hurdle of selling your house is no longer a factor. You got the price you set, so it was a great deal!

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